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Skip Hire: Do’s and Don’ts

Before you hire a skip for your project, whether it be at your home or for your office, have a look at these Dos and Don’ts to help you make sure you choose the perfect skip for your needs.

DO think about what you are going to put the skip. If there are very heavy items you made need a skip with a drop door for easy loading.

DO think about how long you need the skip for. Again, don’t underestimate the time you need. If you are doing a large renovation project or just a clean out, you will be surprised with how long the process can take.

DO get a skip license if you cannot store the skip on your personal property. If the skip will need to go on a public road or pavement, you will need a skip license. If you fail to do this, your skip can be removed (sometimes even before you have managed to use it) and you may even be fined.

DO put the following in a skip: Bricks, soil, garden waste, metal, sand, timber, plastic, general waste.

DO you have any access restrictions? If so, you will need to consider this before hiring a skip.

DO think about whether you have any overhead cables of obstructions that could get in the way of the skip.

DO think about what the weather conditions will be when you are hiring the skip. It’s best not to have a skip on tarmac drives during really hot weather.

DO make sure your drive is suitable to take the weight of the skip. They can weigh a lot, especially once they are full.

DO let your neighbours know you are having a skip, especially if you share a driveway with them or if it will be a nuisance to them when they are trying to park, or if it is directly in front of their house.

DON’T put the following things in a skip: Asbestos, tyres, aerosols, paint and paint tins, hazardous waste, electrical equipment, household appliances.

DON’T underestimate how big a project you are undertaking. It’s easy to think you will have enough space, but you will be surprised with how much rubbish you will probably end up having. If you are unsure, always go for the next size up.

DON’T leave it too late to hire a skip. If you know when you need the skip for, it’s always best to hire it ASAP so you are more likely to get the skip you want.

DON’T start any fires in the skip.

If you’re looking for more advice on what to consider before hiring a skip then speak to LSPS today on 0800 083 7807. LSPS is an established, family run firm in Leicestershire offering skip hire, waste disposal & recycling services.

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