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4 reasons to hire a skip when moving house

4 reasons to hire a skip when moving houseIn a list of stressful life events, moving to a new house is without a doubt in most people’s top few picks. In fact, in a recent poll, two thirds of people said that moving house caused more anxiety than starting a new job, the breakdown of a relationship and the end of a marriage. However, here at LSPS we believe that the humble skip can help make things a lot easier – read on to find out why.

1 - A skip helps you banish junk

One aspect of moving which can be a real stress inducer is the physical aspect of moving all of your belongings. For many people, moving represents new beginnings and a chance to start a-fresh and so with that in mind they decide to have a mass clear out. From clothes that don’t fit, to old computer games and paperwork, there are a great deal of things that we keep promising ourselves that one day we’ll find a use for them. However, moving house is a good time to re-evaluate just how much you need (or don’t need) those items. By hiring a skip, you can easily unload your unwanted items without having to worry about what goes in the recycling bin and what goes in general waste and whether or not you’ll be able to find time to take your junk to the local tip.

2 – A skip helps you move into your new home quicker

After all the stress of finding a new property, you’ll likely be counting down the days until you can get moved in. However, if you have lots of junk to get rid of, and you need to clean your current home before you vacate then the actual day can really begin to drag on and it could be very late into the night before you’re finally able to shut that door. By hiring a skip in advance of your moving date, you can begin unloading waste from your home well in advance so that come moving day the whole process takes far less time.

3 – Skips can be the environmentally friendly option

If you’re conscious of the environment and want to cut down on your carbon footprint then hiring a skip should be high on your agenda. Whereas landfill ends up rotting, waste that goes to skips is taken to our waste transfer sites where every effort is made to recycle recyclable materials, lessening the impact on the environment.

4 – Hiring a skip can bring down costs in other ways

By taking a minimalist approach to your possessions and having a mass clear out you can drastically cut down on the number of things that you need to take to your new home. While this might be a gut-wrenching decision for your inner-hoarder, you may find that the decision helps you out in a big way. The less stuff you have to transport, the smaller a van you will need to hire, or the smaller a removal team will be required on the day.

Are you interested in hiring a skip for your moving day? You can book yours using our online form in just a few clicks here, or alternatively you can contact us on freephone 0800 083 7807.

Skips for garden waste

lsps blog 95With the summer holidays just around the corner, it’ll be just a matter of weeks before we hit BBQ season in the UK. If you want your garden to be in tip-top shape for your friends and family to come and join in the fun then you may well need to give your garden some lengthy maintenance, making it an attractive place to spend your time again after a long cold winter.

When it comes to disposing of garden waste you have quite a few options, but some are certainly better than others. First of all, you could use your green bin. Green bins are usually provided freely by your councils and allow you some space to unload debris from your garden. However, they aren’t the most efficient of methods. Most councils only pick up green waste on a fortnightly basis, which means you are limited in the amount of waste you can get rid of in a period of time. So, if you have a big garden or you have a lot of work to do then it may take you a very long time to get rid of all the waste required to get your garden where you want it to be.

Another option that is sometimes used by homeowners is to incinerate all of their garden waste. This means setting fire to as much of your garden waste as you can. However, while this seems like a quick and efficient way to get rid of waste, it’s often not the case. While wood, dried up leaves and other dry rubbish may burn away, grass and rubble and other types of garden waste like soil aren’t going to budge. You can also land yourself in hot water if the fire gets out of control, creates too much smoke or ends up scorching the ground beneath it.

By far the most efficient method of reducing garden waste is to hire a skip. A skip is dropped right at your front door, at the most convenient time for you, in the actual size you require and your waste is removed of in a clean and healthy way with no risk.

Planning a garden clearance and thinking of hiring a skip? With our online booking system you can have a skip arranged for delivery with just a few clicks of your mouse. Find out more here: or alternatively contact us on freephone 08000 083 7807.

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