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How to dispose of scrap metal the legal way

Smiling worker wearing a high-visibility vest in a junkyardSelling your scrap metal can earn you a decent return, but it’s important to know the rules regarding what is and what isn’t legal, as falling on the wrong side of the law could lead to hefty fines and penalties.

Here’s our run down of some important rules you should follow.

First of all, while you can make money from selling on your scrap metal, it is important that you source it from your own home or your car. If you want to go out and collect scrap metal from other people, then you require a license such as a mobile collector’s license or a site collector’s license. This is the case even for your friends, family and neighbours. You should also never try and get your scrap metal from public land, abandoned sites, buildings or bins and skips as this is deemed as theft.

If you are approached by someone offering to buy your scrap metal from you then ask to see their license. If they can’t prove that they have one, then you should refuse. Without going to a reputable and fully licensed trader, you have no way of knowing whether you are getting a good deal and whether your scrap will be disposed of in a legal way. Income from illegal scrap metal activities has regularly been linked to organised crime and scrap metal theft costs the UK economy over £220m each year.

In order to follow the latest government rulings, all scrap metal deals now have to be above-board and traceable. In practice this means that no-cash can be paid for scrap metal trades. Instead, bank transfers and cheques are now the chosen method of exchange.

Here at LSPS we are one of Leicestershire’s largest independent ferrous and non-ferrous metal recyclers. We are fully licensed, offer extremely competitive prices in line with industry rates and can collect larger amounts of scrap metal directly from you.

To find out more contact LSPS today on 0800 083 7807 or simply call in with your scrap metal. We are open Monday – Friday between 07:30 and 16:30 and Saturdays from 7:30 until midday.

Reverse vending machines helping UK shoppers to earn from recycling

LSPS Blog 80Customers at Iceland supermarkets have earned an equivalent of more than £30,000 by recycling their used plastic bottles in the first trial of reverse vending machines in a major national supermarket.

The scheme, pioneered by the Iceland supermarket chain, aims to reward shoppers with vouchers worth 10p for every deposit of a plastic bottle bought at their shop in an effort to reduce plastic waste. Encouraging figures show that a total of 311,500 plastic bottles were recycled to date across stores in Deeside, Wolverhampton, Mold, Fulham and Musselburgh.

The trial by the frozen food retailer was the first of such schemes but has now been followed by similar efforts in Co-Op stores, Morrisons supermarkets and several national music festivals this summer.

Commenting on the scheme, Richard Walker, Managing Director at Iceland, said: “We’ve gained hugely valuable insights into both consumer interest and the functionality of the schemes, and it’s clear from the results that consumers want to tackle the problem of plastic head on, and would be in support of a nationwide scheme.

“We’ll be using these findings to inform future Iceland initiatives, and will be sharing our findings with DEFRA and across the industry to ensure any nationwide roll-outs are comprehensive and effective in our goal of tackling the issue of single-use plastics.”

Iceland has a strong commitment to positive change for the environment and was also the first UK supermarket to remove palm oil from all of its own label ranges. Palm oil has been linked heavily to the destruction of habitats of endangered species such as orangutans.

It is currently estimated that more than 12 million tonnes of plastic enters the world’s oceans each year, which has a disastrous impact on marine life and also enters the food chain through seafood.

Here at LSPS, recycling is of great importance to us and we help businesses and individuals all across Leicestershire to reduce the amount of their waste that ends up at landfill sites. Our Waste Transfer Station is open to traders and has an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment.

To find out how about we can help with your waste disposal needs please contact us on 0800 083 7807 or visit our website for further information.

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