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Interesting tips for reducing household waste

canning-762195_640In a recent article by The Guardian readers sent in some of their best tips for reducing their household waste, inspired by the Australian TV programme War on Waste. Here are a few of our favourites.

One reader uses garden waste instead of bin liners. Instead of using a bin liner to catch liquids and nasty smells from their rubbish they use a layer of garden soil. They simply empty the soil back out into the garden and replace with fresh soil after emptying and sorting their general waste.

Another reader recommended home brewing their own beer. While you may have to wait a little longer than normal to have a drink you can save money and cut down on bottle waste by reusing old bottles for your homebrew.

Rather than using freezer bags one user decided to wrap unwanted food portions in baking paper. This meant less food waste as they could simply store them away in their freezer unit until they needed thawing out for a later meal. Alternatively one couple claimed that they simply gave the large majority of their food waste to their chickens who returned the favour by providing them with the occasional free range egg for breakfast.

One interesting tip recommended was to group certain materials together if you fear they may be too small to recycle. For example, plastic cutlery is often too small to be effectively recycled and may be rejected but if you group it together by placing inside a container or a bottle then it can be processed.

Another genius repurposing of household waste that we discovered was to use jam jars or coffee jars as cups for hot drinks. The glass jars and lids are perfect for storing your drink and a closable lid means no spillage. Click here to read the full article for more tips. Don’t forget to tweet us at @lspsltd and share your own tips for repurposing waste.

Here at LSPS we take recycling very seriously. To find out how about we can help with your waste disposal needs please contact us on 0800 083 7807, or visit our website for further information.

Coca-Cola to increase levels of recycled plastic in bottles

coca-cola-1449843_1280Coca-Cola has announced plans to greatly increase the amount of recycled plastic that they use in their bottles after pressure from environmental groups such as Greenpeace.

The company, which sells an estimated 1 million plastic bottles every minute across the world, has pledged to increase the amount of recycled plastic in their bottles to 40% by the year 2020.

The environmental charity Greenpeace had previously accused the world’s biggest drinks company of “refusing to take responsibility” for the environmental impact of creating and selling so many plastic bottles which were unable to be recycled. After studying Coca-Cola’s output of single-use plastic bottles their senior campaigner Louise Edge went on to say that “Our oceans simply can’t stomach any more of Coca-Cola’s plastic”.

According to the charity, in the UK alone 16 million plastic bottles end up in our environment every single day and Coca-Cola should be taking steps to reduce single-use plastic usage which at present account for almost 60% of its packaging globally.

Environmental campaigners are also encouraging drinks manufacturers to consider a deposit return scheme. This would involve a drink purchaser paying a small additional fee for their bottle, once the container is returned they will be refunded their deposit and the bottle will go on to be reused or recycled. Until recently Coca-Cola had resisted any notion of a deposit scheme claiming to be sceptical about its effectiveness, however it has now pledged support for testing a scheme in Scotland.

Here at LSPS we take recycling very seriously. To find out how about we can help with your waste disposal needs please contact us on 0800 083 7807, or visit our website for further information.

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