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New app helps food suppliers to make use of their food waste

In a week that 40 environmental organisations called for food waste across Europe to be halved within the next 15 years, it seems some progress is already being made.

Supermarket giant ASDA, has launched a new mobile app which provides a platform for suppliers to market their food waste to other people who may find a use for it. The app, which works as an online marketplace, allows for suppliers such as restaurants to pass on leftover ingredients, uneaten waste or vegetable trimmings to others who will be able to find a use for it, rather than it ending up in landfill.

The app, which was launched yesterday at ASDA’s yearly Sustain and Save Exchange conference, aims to battle food wastage in the UK and highlighted the supply chain as one of the biggest offenders, with as much as 45% of food waste coming from it. ASDA hopes that the app will encourage industry leaders to find new uses for their surplus waste by providing a central platform for them to share and trade their waste.

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UK economy could gain billions from resource efficiency

New research has suggested that the UK economy could add as much as £76.9billion in value by 2030 if it chose to be more efficient with its resources.

A report by the Aldersgate Group titled ‘Amplifying action on resource efficiency’ has suggested that if the UK was to become more efficient with its materials then it could reduce its carbon and environmental impact while simultaneously boosting productivity and competitiveness.

Drawing its findings from 26 pilot projects in the UK and the Netherlands, the report claims that these projects were able to deliver close to £5m in financial savings through reduced materials consumption and also able to significantly cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

Resource efficiency involves the sustainable management and usage of raw materials and resources throughout their entire life cycle and adopting production and consuming habits that are in line with the physical limits of the planet. Studying these findings, the Aldersgate Group, which includes companies like Sky, Marks & Spencer’s and IKEA, has suggested that adopting resource efficiency models could boost the GVA of the UK by £76.9 billion.

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