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What can and can’t be recycled when cleaning out your home

Clearing out your home can be very stressful at the best of times, but trying to figure out what can and what can’t be recycled can make it even worse.  With everything from electronics, cardboard or even old furniture to handle – it’s important that you know what can and can’t be recycled.

How to recycle
First, you need to know how to recycle and where to do it before you even start to sort your rubbish out. Most cities and towns often now have some sort of recycling plant. This is where you can take the things you want recycling and it is sorted into the correct areas e.g. garden, wood etc.

It is as easy as driving/walking to the sorting centre and dropping off your rubbish into the correct areas, almost like a ‘sort and drop’ service making it very convenient and time effective so there are no excuses about not doing it.

You should also read up about the rubbish that can be recycled as most of it needs to be clean, for example most cans, bottles etc. need to be rinsed out fully and dried as the liquid that is inside of them can contaminate the plastic itself making it unrecyclable.

Recyclable household items
Now you know how to recycle, you need to know what you can recycle. Here are just some of what you can recycle when clearing out your home:

Junk mail, cards, bills etc. are all forms of rubbish that you have in your home which can be recycled. Instead of just leaving them around in drawers etc. around the house which causes more clutter, you should bundle it all together and recycle it.

Cardboard is another great asset to recycle in your house, from things such as cereal boxes, pizza boxes or any other type of paper packaging.

CD’s, DVDs are not the first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions recycling, I know. But yes, they are recyclable, only if the recycling centre allows them and approves. If they are not then there are many other ways you can dispose of or reuse them, for example making a collage of your CD’s on your wall.

Old Televisions: TV’s hold many dangerous chemicals, so they are a bit hard to recycle yourself, but a lot of TV stores are happy to trade in your TV when you buy a new one and they often recycle them in a professional manner that is needed.

With all this in mind you may be wondering where you can put all of your unwanted rubbish? Well that is where we can help, by offering you affordable and convenient skip hire right to your door. Find out more here or call us today on 0800 083 7807

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