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Walkers launches crisp packet recycling scheme

Packet of CrispsWalkers Crisps has begun a recycling campaign for their crisp packets following pressure from consumers and environmental groups.

Walkers became the focus of an internet campaign behind the hashtag #PacketInWalkers. The campaign on social media encouraged consumers to publish pictures of themselves posting empty crisp packets to the Walkers company after photos emerged of crisp packets more than 30 years old found entirely intact – highlighting the need for new environmentally friendly packaging materials.

The social media campaign asked members of the public to send used Walkers crisps packets back to the Leicester-based manufacturer with the freepost address attached on a piece of paper and taped to the packet. In turn this forced the Royal Mail to ask protesters to put the packets in envelopes before posting, after problems arose at their sorting offices with loose crisp packets.

In response to the campaign, Walkers Crisps has officially launched a new recycling scheme aimed at dealing with the problem. Crisp packets can now be sent to the company TerraCycle who will help recycle them after they have been dropped off at special collection points across the country. The campaign will allow for all brands of crisp packets – not just Walkers.

Collection points close to Leicester can be found at the following locations:

- Visit Leicester, 51 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester, L1 5AD

- Wilson’s Convenience Store, 26 Ratby Road, Groby, LE6 0GG

- 7 Melba Way, Birstall, Leicester, L24 4GT

Ian Ellington, general manager of Walker’s parent company PepsiCo UK commented on the scheme:

"This is another important step towards our ambition to make all of our packaging 100 per cent recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025. This is the first crisp packet recycling scheme in the UK and it will only work if everyone gets collecting and sending in, which is why we've made the scheme as simple as possible and free."

Click here for more details on the scheme:

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