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Removal of construction waste

clip_image001Construction waste is defined as leftover materials resulting from building, repair or demolition of buildings or other structures, and as the majority of construction waste is a by-product of commercial building jobs the local councils do not class it as domestic waste, and therefore will not accept large quantities at the local recycling facilities.

Whether the construction project is a small domestic job, or a larger scale commercial job, hiring a skip is the only practical solution for the removal of construction waste.

Skip sizes for construction waste

Whilst a range of skip sizes are available, the most popular size is the Builders Skip. This has an 8 cubic yard capacity and will accommodate up to 8 metric tonnes (8,000 kg) of construction waste, including bricks, rubble, mortar, hardcore, paving stones and soil.

Whilst larger skips are available (up to 40 cubic yards), these are generally not so suitable for heavy commercial waste removal because of the maximum weight restrictions applicable to the combined weight of the full skip and the lorry needed to transport it.

Separating waste materials prior to collection

Historically, the majority of construction waste has been taken to landfill sites. However now, as natural resources are becoming increasingly harder to source, regulatory changes have been introduced to encourage recycling and the re-use of building materials. So it is encouraged to collect different types of waste such as brick, wood, metal and soil separately before removal is arranged.

For more information on hiring the right skip for your needs, then visit our guide: Hiring a skip, here are the ground rules.

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