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What happens to skip rubbish?

clip_image002Recycling has moved from being an option to a necessity, backed by governments, local authorities and EU targets. We can no longer keep dumping our rubbish in the ground, instead we have to make the most of our waste materials and use them to our advantage.

All waste that is collected in LSPS skips is taken back to our waste transfer station where the skips are emptied into our waste recycling facility; this is then carefully separated into the various different types, such as wood and plastic. The waste is then recycled through shredding, screening or compaction. Finally the recycled materials are sent out to be reused for further treatment.

Wood: all wood that is collected in the skip is shredded and transformed into wood pellets which can be used for animal bedding. Find out how we recycle wood into wood pellets here.

Green waste: trees and hedges are mixed with biodegradable materials to form reusable compost.

clip_image003Soils and inert wastes: wastes such as excavated materials are screened in order to remove larger contaminants. These secondary soils can then be used for filling in old quarries to create new green land.

Hardcore and aggregate: brick, stone, concrete, glass, tile or any other quarried products are crushed to produce materials that can be used as sub base in building projects.

Metal recycling: recycled metal is in high demand; such is the demand that recycled metal is often exported overseas to places like China or India.

Mixed waste recycling: once all the above materials have been identified for recycling, a small amount of non-recyclable waste is left. Whilst this has historically been sent to landfill, which has serious consequences on the environment, such waste is now used in one of the most important resources we know – electricity – through modern waste to energy plants.

Skip hire is no longer about taking your waste to be buried in landfill; you’re doing your bit by simply filling a skip!

Packing a skip effectively, click here to find tips.

Thinking of hiring a skip? Read our additional tips here.

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