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Tips for garden clearance

clip_image002Any amount of garden clearance produces waste, so an ideal way of clearing this green waste as easily and as environmentally as possible is to start off with hiring a skip. This way you can put all the unwanted rubbish in one central place, removing the extra chore of taking it all down to the local tip yet doing your bit for recycling.

We want to give our customers a helping hand with their garden clearance, so here are some tips for you...

Tip #1 - tackle the trees

Target the larger jobs first; this includes trimming the trees back. Lay the larger branches in the skip first. Laying them flat on the bottom means that bulky items can sit on top, that way smaller waste can fill in the gaps around the bulkier items further on. Trimming the trees also encourages new growth as well as opening up the garden space in the meantime.

Tip #2 – shift the shed rubbish

This is the perfect time to tackle the garden shed or garage. Choose a nice day to clear out all the contents and identify what you need and don’t need. Put all the broken and unwanted furniture and garden equipment in the skip and reorganise the shed space with what needs to be kept.

Tip #3 – tidy the trimmings

Now the larger jobs have been done, rake up all the leaves and garden debris. Raking promotes growth in the grass and allows the sun to get to the ground. Decaying vegetation is a haven for slugs and snails so give your plants a fighting chance by removing debris to prevent them moving in! Birds can also help with the removal of slugs so encourage our feathered friends into your garden by hanging bird feeders.

Add all this debris rubbish to the skip after the larger items have been put in place as this will make the most of the space available in your skip, filling in the gaps.

Tip #4 – pristine pavements

Clear away the moss on your pavements, steps and patios. Special path cleaners are available, but moss can be easily removed using a sweeping brush or pressure washer also.

Mini or midi skips are generally suitable for garden clearance jobs; see our skip sizes here. Thinking of hiring a skip? See our ground rules here.

Thinking of hiring a skip? Read our additional tips here.

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