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Reasons to Hire a Skip in Winter

Winter SkipWinter is the perfect time to clear out your home in preparation for spring. Although winter is not typically recognised as a time of year for having a big clear out, there are actually many benefits to hiring a skip during the winter months.

Post-Christmas Clear Out

At Christmas time, homes tend to become more cluttered, and people have the tendency to fill their cupboards, garages, sheds, and attics with items that are not to be seen or used for a long time.
You should resist the urge to do this and instead hire a skip to dispose of all your unwanted and unused items, along with the excess amounts of rubbish that accumulates over the festive period.

Post-DIY Clean Up

If you have completed home improvement projects during the warmer months, you are likely to have accumulated a lot of rubbish, such as old carpet, tiles, wallpaper, and other decorating supplies. Instead of letting this rubbish take up valuable space or having to make several trips to the local skip, hire a skip to dispose of it all at home.

Boost Your Mood

As the days get shorter, colder, and gloomier, it is common for people to begin to feel uninspired and unmotivated. Taking time to have a thorough clean can boost your mood and make you feel better.
Your mind mimics the physical space that you live in; a cluttered house equals a cluttered mind, and a tidy house equals a tidy mind.

Wardrobe Clear Out

Winter is a great time to sort through your wardrobe and get rid of the clothes you have not worn all year, or that are looking a little bit worse for wear, so you have a streamlined wardrobe ready for the new year.

You may want to hand down or donate clothing that is still wearable, but for items that have been ruined during DIY projects, have holes in, or are otherwise damaged, having a skip is also useful for disposing of unwanted clothing.


When it is cold outside, you are likely to be more hesitant to go outside or to take trips to and from your local skip with a car full of rubbish. Having a skip outside means you can avoid having to venture out into the cold as much.

As you will be spending more time inside, it is the perfect time to have a clear out. Resist putting it off until springtime, as then when the warmer days return, you can go out and enjoy the nice weather rather than spending your days cleaning.


Hiring a skip is an eco-friendly option as it means you are making reduced car journeys to dispose of waste and ensures that your waste is disposed of responsibly.

Here at LSPS, we offer a complete waste disposal management solution, by operating an on-site waste transfer station and are committed to recycling to lessen the pressure on landfill sites. This means that there is no need to separate your waste and you can put all your waste into one skip, saving you time and money.

LSPS is a family-run business that is experienced in supplying skips for both domestic and commercial projects. If you are interested in hiring a skip this winter, get in touch with us via 0800 083 7807 or to discuss your requirements, or click here to order your skip using our easy-to-use online booking system.

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