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Tips for reducing office waste

clip_image002Much is spoken of about how we can improve recycling rates at home, however, much less so is commented on how we can reduce the impact of waste from our places of work. Recycling is often low down the priority list for our businesses but doing so can not only help the environment but can also save you money and give you something to brag about to your clients and customers.

Here are some simple and easy to adopt tips that you can use to reduce wastage in the workplace.

1 – Turn off all of your electronic items at the end of the day rather than leaving them on standby overnight

2 – Set your computer monitors to switch to standby during periods of inactivity

3 – Switch to energy efficient lightbulbs

4 – Take advantage of natural light and leave artificial lighting off for as long as is possible without impacting on your work

5 - Recycle paperwork but try and move towards electronic communications wherever possible through online systems, phone calls and emails. Paperless is the way forward.

6 – When you do have to print try and use products like recycled paper, refillable ink printer cartridges and opt for manufacturers that use non-toxic chemicals. Better yet use one communal printer rather than several around the office.

7 – When ordering food or sourcing food for your office try and shop locally. Not only are you supporting other local businesses, but you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint.

8 – Be flexible with working. If an employee can work from home, car pool or use public transport to begin their working day then you should try and encourage it to reduce emissions

9 – Allow casual attire during the summer. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in stuffy suit and tie during a baking summer’s day. Allowing more casual clothing during the summer can not only keep your employees happy but also reduce the need for expensive and resource intensive air-cooling systems.

10 – In the bathroom opt for recyclable products such as non-single use plastic handwash and paper towels.

11 – Retain packaging such as boxes and mailers for reuse later down the line

12 – Waste sorting is essential but in a big workplace this can be time consuming. Delegate up tasks between several members of staff to even out the workload.

13 – Enquire about recycling and green policies with suppliers carefully before choosing to strike up a relationship – otherwise all your efforts could be of no use

If you’re looking for advice and help with creating a thrifty and eco-friendly waste policy then speak to LSPS today. We offer a complete waste disposal management package to businesses and offices in Leicestershire to help them meet their needs and adhere to regulations. We also have a secure shredding service to dispose of confidential waste. To find out more please contact us on 0800 083 7807.

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