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Do you have scrap metal lying around? Here are a few reasons to bring it to us!

do you have scrap metal lying aroundMuch has been made in recent years about the benefits of reducing or carbon footprints and while a great deal of noise is made around plastic and packaging recycling, car sharing and buying locally sourced produce, the benefits of scrap metal recycling are still off the radar for many people. Here we will look at a few of the benefits of recycling your scrap metal.

The benefits of metal recycling

A key reason to recycle your scrap metal is that it lessens the demand for raw materials. Mining often has a detrimental effect on the environment and can cause harmful impacts such as the release of toxic and radioactive chemicals contaminating soil and water tables, the formation of dangerous sinkholes and the disruption or destruction of habitats for local wildlife.

In terms of pollution, recycling is a better option than creating new products from metal as it lessens the demand for mining which causes damage to the environment along the way. Carbon emissions are one of the leading contributors to global warming and mining metals is a long process which takes up plenty of resources and leaving carbon emissions it its wake. By comparison, recycled aluminium uses 92% less energy than the mining, purifying and shaping involved in new metal creation, copper uses 90% less energy and steel 56% less energy.

There is also an economic motivation for recycling metal. The cost of extracting new metals is very high and is also time intensive. If more people recycle scrap metal, then the cost of producing metal products will be reduced which should eventually be passed on to consumers like you!

Recycling metal can be everything from making sure that you put aluminium cans in the right recycling bin through to bringing your ferrous and non-ferrous metals to a scrap metals recycler like LSPS.

Here at LSPS we have years of experience in scrap metal and waste management. We are one of Leicestershire's largest independent ferrous and non-ferrous metal recyclers equipped with our own electronic 50 tonne weighbridge. We are keen to buy all grades of ferrous metals for recycling and offer extremely competitive prices.

To make sure our customers receive the fairest price possible our ferrous and non-ferrous metal rates are linked to the The Metal Bulletin - a trading and pricing system for the global metals industry. For the most up to date prices you can also call us on 0800 083 7807.

To find out more please contact LSPS today on 0800 083 7807 for competitive prices or alternatively simply visit us today with your scrap metal.

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