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An end to wheelie bins? Introducing a flat that recycles for you

a flat that recycles for youAn innovative new scheme set for East London plans to make recycling far easier than in the past, removing the need for wheelie bins and allowing greater amounts of waste to be recycled.

The scheme, which has already been piloted in cities like New York, Stockholm and Doha, allows for rubbish to be “sucked” through household shoots and sent into bins at the bottom of an apartment block. These bins feature cyclone technology which sorts recyclable materials from non-recyclable materials and sends the unrecyclable material to an incinerator. The recyclable material is then stored in the bins before it is collected as normal.

The scheme is set to be incorporated as part of the brand-new Barking Riverside development in London. This will be one of the “most ambitious and important new developments in the UK” where over ten thousand homes will be built on the site of a former power station, lying across the banks of the Thames. This follows on from the Quintain project in Wembley Park which has incorporated a similar system with great results, including a reported cut in carbon emissions.

In such a populous city, waste can be a real problem to deal with, a problem that is often exacerbated in flats and apartment blocks where less space is available for bins. A development of the same size as Barking Riverside would typically require as many as 19,000 waste bins and collections, however the new cyclone technology may help to reduce this number down to just 460 waste processing outlets instead.

Around the world, many local authorities and planners are looking at ways to reduce the overall output of waste among households. In Bergen, Norway for instance, households share communal chute bins on housing estates. Here in the UK, in North West Cambridge, a modern eco development in the city has incorporated specially designed kitchen bins as well as composting areas and further underground waste bins that have replaced wheelie bins.

Here at LSPS, recycling is of great importance to us and we help businesses and individuals all across Leicestershire to reduce the amount of their waste that ends up at landfill sites. Our Waste Transfer Station is open to traders and has an extensive range of state of the art equipment.

To find out how about we can help with your waste disposal needs please contact us on 0800 083 7807 or visit our website for further information.

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