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UK reaches milestone of half a million tonnes of plastic recycling

LSPS Blog 80A recently published ‘Household Plastics Collection Survey’ by Recoup of local authorities across the UK has revealed a 2.7% increase in plastics recycling across the nation which has brought the total amount of recycling to over half a million tonnes.

The latest figures from the charity show that 512,475 tonnes of plastic were collected for recycling in 2016. Upon analysis the figures show that 340,000 tonnes of recycling accounted for was categorised as plastic bottles and a further 170,000 tonnes consisted of other plastics like pots, tubs and trays.

While these figures seem impressive, Recoup has been quick to add that the figures show an increase of less than 1% in collection of plastic bottles from households. There have also been just seven new kerbside collection schemes launched in the past year by local authorities. When looking at some of the reasons behind this, Recoup reported that 51% of Local Authorities in the UK received budget cuts for waste and recycling collections or to their communications departments who seek to get the word out about good waste recycling habits.

The report goes on to stress the importance of consistency in recycling standards among Local Authorities so that a consistent message can be given out to households over what they can and cannot recycle – helping to increase the number of people recycling and reduce the amount of contaminated waste. Click here to read the survey:

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