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UK on track to meet annual recycling targets

silver-jubilee-bridge-suspension-bridge-runcorn-bridge-bridge-53439Figures just released by the National Packaging Waste Database have shown signs that the UK is closing in on targets for the recycling of packaging and will likely meet its quota by the end of 2017.

The latest figures published by the National Packaging Waste Database on behalf of the Environment Agency show that the amount of recycling in the UK has already achieved at least two-thirds of required targets with paper achieving 73% of its quota and wood already reaching 94%. However, the picture looks less promising for Glass and Plastics recycling which lag behind at around 52-54% respectively. The report can be viewed in full here:

Despite the positive indications from wood and paper, some industry figures such as Ecosurety have raised concerns about the levels of plastic recycling, noting that the price of plastic continues to rise, spurred on by the Chinese Government’s plans to ban imports of scrap plastics and unsorted paper waste. As of last year china imported 7.3 million tonnes of waste plastics per annum accounting for over half of the world’s imports and valued at around £2.8billion. Early indications show that China’s clampdown on waste plastics may push the flow of materials into other markets such as India, or may even begin to open up wider trading throughout the UK and Europe rather than relying to heavily on China.

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