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Coffee cup recycling scheme launches at Costa Coffee

One of the country’s biggest coffee chain stores is set to launch a nationwide recycling scheme to reduce landfill wastage. Costa Coffee is set to install cup collection points in a select number of their stores. These points will enable customers to drop-off their used cups in collection points at 45 outlets across the UK.

As the largest coffee chain in the UK, the company estimates that this scheme could collect at least 30 million cups a year which the company will then transport to a specialist recycling plant rather than allowing them to end up in a landfill.  The 30 million cups given as the minimum estimates comes from the existing number of take-away cups left behind in their stores each day, which is 40.

Costa Coffee is also funding research into cup recyclability programmes to make their cups more eco-friendly and donates 25p to litter charities every time that a customer uses one of their recyclable cups.

Recently, trade associations such as the Environmental Services Association (ESA) pressed for manufacturers of commonly littered items like cigarettes, fast food and chewing gum to be responsible for the cost of cleaning up litter. With this in mind, Costa are one of a number of companies who are turning their attentions to sustainability and looking at ways that they can reduce their impact on the environment. 

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