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Leicester business cracks eggshell waste problem

clip_image002A Leicester-based company Just Egg have claimed a massive breakthrough in finding ways to recycle industrial amounts of egg shells.

Just-Egg is a Leicester based egg processing plant run by Pankaj Pancholi. They process hard-boiled eggs which are then used in various different ways such as in salads, mayonnaise and sandwiches and they sell up to 1.5 million eggs a week – which results in lots of egg shell wastage.

While eggshells can be easily composted at home, in an industrial environment they have to be shipped to landfill as the egg waste attached to them can make them rot quickly and smell awful.

However, the process of sending leftover egg shells to landfill is expensive and impractical. So, in an effort to cut-costs and reduce wastage the company has teamed up with Leicester University to look at sustainable alternatives.

Working with the chemistry department at the University of Leicester, their team managed to find a way to separate waste egg shell from the egg white and clean it effectively which means it can now be used as plastic filler and a means of generating further income for the business.

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