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Is recycling part of your New Year resolutions?

imageQuitting smoking, losing weight and giving up alcohol are perhaps the most common New Year resolutions. An easy to achieve addition could be to live a little greener and recycle more.

A good place to start is not to throw out your old tech equipment. Kindles, iPads, smart phones and HD TV’s are at the top of many people’s wish lists and you may have received some of these as a Christmas gift or picked up a bargain in the sales. However, you should not discard your old tech so hastily. Products such as these often contain toxic chemicals, take up a lot of room in landfill sites and most importantly may contain materials that are reusable. You should firstly consider selling the product or donating it to a charity, but if it is broken there are companies who will take it off your hands and refurbish it or strip it back for parts.

Clothing is another area you could address. If you have clothes that you are never going to wear again consider donating them to charity so someone else can benefit from them. There should be clothing & shoe recycling bins located at the majority of local recycling centres and making a donation can be a great way of freeing up some space in your wardrobe.

General household recycling is fairly straight forward once you have things prepared but you can make the process easier by buying products that can be recycled. Paper, plastic, metal and glass can all be recycled so when you’re shopping consider what the packaging is made from and if it can be easily recycled. Many products are now made from recycled materials which will be highlighted by a label and purchasing these products is a great way to limit the amount of raw materials being used.

To reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill sites, LSPS is dedicated to recycling every possible item. For more information on our waste recycling and waste disposal services please click here or contact us on 0800 083 7807 to find out how we can help.

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