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Does your business need a license to carry waste?

skip lorryAt LSPS, our waste transfer station is designed to meet the waste disposal needs of businesses. Our extensive range of specialist, state of the art equipment makes this possible and our services are open to all traders who are licensed waste carriers. But what does being a licensed waste carrier mean? This article investigates.

As a business, if you transport, buy, sell, dispose of or arrange for someone else to buy, sell or dispose of waste then you are required to register for a waste carrier’s, broker’s or dealer’s license. If the waste you transport is produced by your own business then the registration is usually free and renews automatically but if you transport other people’s waste, such as construction or demolition waste then you are required to pay a fee of £154 for a 3 year licence.

In fact, if you don’t register you can face a fine of up to £5,000. The exception to this license requirement is for home owners and businesses who only move waste within their own premises – these parties do not require a waste carrying license.

This waste carrying license is split into two levels, lower tier and upper tier. In England, the upper tier registration covers waste management and construction businesses whereas the lower tier registrations include smaller scale businesses like carpet fitters and confidential waste collection companies.

If you are a licenced waste carrying trader in Leicestershire, LSPS can correctly process your waste ready for recycling or disposal. We do not accept waste that is considered hazardous and we do not except items such as fridges, freezers, asbestos, tyres or gas bottles.

More information can be found on the LSPS website, information specifically about our waste recycling and disposal services can be found here or alternatively you can call LSPS on our free phone number: 0800 083 7807.

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