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Leicester gets recycling right

clip_image001Nearly a quarter of all rubbish thrown out from Leicester homes is now being recycled, following a recent initiative by the Leicester county council. The city council has confirmed that 23% of Leicester’s household waste is now being recycled instead of going to landfill sites.

This recent increase of 5% could well be down to the council’s revolutionary initiative of orange bag kerb side collection introduced three years ago, replacing the green recycling boxes. Last year, more than 16,000 tonnes of rubbish was collected in the orange bags. However it has been estimated that 2,100 tonnes of glass as well as 2,800 tonnes of recyclable cardboard are still being disposed of in general waste bins.

The introduction of the orange bag kerb side collection was designed to encourage people to recycle more. Following surveys that were carried out in the neighbourhood, people didn’t realise that cardboard could be included in the orange bag collection so Leicester council are constantly educating people on the importance of recycling.

Assistant city mayor for neighbourhood services, Councillor Sarah Russell, said: “The scheme is helping to revolutionise recycling in the city. The secret to its success is its simplicity. It’s so much more convenient being able to put all recyclable items in one bag.”

Leicester council stated that three quarters of the city’s waste is now being diverted from landfill and that much of what cannot be recycled is going on to be incinerated to create renewable energy, or being composted.

The orange bags are used to recycle glass bottles, mixed plastics including food containers, Tetra Pak, plastic film and carrier bags, all of which are not usually allowed in your average recycling bin. Tins, cans, empty aerosols, paper and cardboard can also be included in the orange bag collection.

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